We are number 1 in Germany and Switzerland as well as one of Europe's leading enterprises when it comes to measuring and assessing the condition of highways, roads, cycling lanes, pedestrian paths, rural roads and runways.


50 years of experience in this field have made us, nationally and internationally, a strong partner for federal, state and municipal governments as well as the private sector. Data which is recorded by our high-speed vehicles and later individually analyzed provides an essential basis for road maintenance and management. This enables the effective planning of construction measures, optimized investments of time and expenditures and verifiable asset appraisal. The measurement and recording of parameters such as

are used to register condition-related data which can be subsequently evaluated, graphically displayed and archived. This allows such things as:

  • Cost-effective and efficient planning of conservation measures
  • Inspection/acceptance of new construction measures
  • Documentation of evidence
  • Assertion of warranty claims

And last but not least, it allows us to play our part in ensuring road safety.

Many years of expertise, independent advancements in metrology and a knowledge of the requirements of subsequent analyses allow us to acquire high-quality data while remaining cost-effective, and to offer the information to customers according to their requirements. The essential basis for this are our measurement systems and vehicles which allow fast and accurate precision data acquisition at a speed of up to 100 km/h.