In combination with the data gathered on conditions, the images of surfaces and panoramic images form the objective foundation for controlling and planning the maintenance of streets and road networks and also runways at airports. This illustration of current conditions at a particular time also provides an opportunity to produce a reliable financial prognosis or a “route on the PC”.


Using standard software, it is laborious or even impossible to produce a targeted representation and assessment of the condition data and video images stored in the result database, due to the amount of them. Specific programme developments, also for integrating data into the available systems, are often tedious and expensive.

Schniering GmbH developed the software STRADIVARI® (road database with integrated video recordings) to provide a remedy for this. This clear and easy to use tool enables the user to visualise and analyse the condition data in a variety of ways. In particular, the digitalised video recordings allow the user to clarify queries quickly and easily, for example regarding the local conditions and the surroundings. In this way the programme is also interesting for users who are not directly involved with road maintenance.

We are happy to give you advice on the capabilities and usage of STRADIVARI® as well as the possibilities of customer-specific adjustments. To give you an initial impression, here you will find a short description with the essential features of the software.

If you already use a software solution for assessment and visualisation, there is a variety of different possibilities to integrate the collected data. On request, we are happy to inform you of alternatives according to your requirements.