ARGUS FrontApplications

  • Network-wide condition survey on all categories of roads
  • Inspection/acceptance of new construction and conservation measures
  • Documenting evidence of surface attributes prior to special use
  • Clarifying circumstances at accident hotspots
  • Object-specific assessment of longitudinal and transverse evenness as well as substance characteristics

Measurement system

  • Multiple functions: Longitudinal and transverse evenness, substance characteristics, video recordings
  • Measurements at high speeds of up to 100 km/h
  • Speed-independent operations, hence no traffic-related impacts
  • Objective results through metrological instruments rather than manual registration
  • Precision thanks to high resolution laser measurements and digital video technology
  • Self-securing according to DIN 30 710 and HSM 2000

Purpose of condition survey and evaluation with ARGUS®

  • Provision of network-wide condition data as an objective basis for decisions concerning short-, medium- and long-term conservation
  • Optimized use of increasingly limited resources
  • Basis for transparent decisions within and outside building administration departments
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of measures and impact of delays in measures
  • Forecasting future network conditions
  • Practical insights into the success/failure of types of measures and building material concepts used for conservation

Surveyed parameters

Localization and orientation system

  • Satellite navigation system DGPS (differential global positioning system) with a typical accuracy of +3 m in real time and +1 m in post-processing
  • Use of a high-precision, fibre-optic gyro for determining locations on routes on an occurrence of GPS shadows
  • Assignment to the nationwide network node system using raw geo-grids via WGS 84 coordinates
  • Measurement of distance by means of pulse generators with a path resolution of 1 mm
  • Keyboard input by the operator during measurements

Evaluation of measurement results

Representation of measurement results

  • Summary of results in a road database using the STRADIVARI® analysis and visualization software
  • In tabular and/or cartographic form
  • Video image digitization and creation of a video image database with route images on data media
  • Creation of raw data files (raw geo-data)

References: More than 750.000 km surveyed by ARGUS®

  • 1991 to 2012 - More than 490,000 kilometres measured on federal highways in Germany, as well as national roads in Poland, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic
  • 1996 to 2012 - More than 160,000 kilometres measured on state and county roads in Germany, Austria, Poland and France, as well as cantonal roads in Switzerland
  • 1996 to 2012 - More than 20,000 kilometres measured on municipal roads in Germany, Poland and Switzerland (including the cities of Essen, Erfurt, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, Warsaw)