Agil II schraeg hell Applications

  • Network-wide condition survey of cycling lanes, footpaths, rural roads and unpaved routes
  • Documentation of evidence before special use
  • Clarification of circumstances prevailing near accident hotspots
  • Object-specific assessment of evenness, slope and substance characteristics
  • Video documentation, also for tourism
  • Registration of objects such as signs
  • Width and surface investigations
  • Survey of cycling lane geometries for creating/updating maps

Measurement system

  • Multiple functions: Evenness, slope, substance characteristics, video recordings
  • Measurement at variable speeds ranging from 0 to high (60 km/h)
  • Objective surveys using metrological instruments
  • Precision afforded by laser measurements and digital, high-definition video technology
  • Geo-referencing using GPS and high-precision distance measurement
  • Self-securing

Purpose of condition survey and evaluation with ARGUS®-AGIL

Periodic collection of condition data by means of metrological instruments is essential for objective, economic evaluation and conservation. Cycling lanes, pedestrian paths, rural roads and unpaved roads have so far undergone mainly subjective, purely visual assessments. One reason for this has been a lack of appropriate measurement systems.

Metrological surveys of surface features have, for the first time, provided data as a basis for making decisions on efficient conservation measures and/or new construction measures. Such data also allow evaluations of the safety and comfort of the routes under examination.


Our two ARGUS®-AGIL units have been used on more than 40,000 kilometres of cycling lane. ARGUS®-AGIL is therefore by far the leading commercial system for measuring the condition of cycling lanes in Germany.